Moon phases 2019

All times have been adjusted in Belgian local time (UTC + 1 hour in winter time and UTC + 2 hours in summer).

For the year 2019:

Lunation number New MoonFirst QuarterFull MoonLast Quarter
118806 January at 02h2814 January at 07h4521 January at 06h1627 January at 22h10
118904 February at 22h0312 February at 23h2619 February at 16h5326 February at 12h27
119006 March at 17h0314 March at 11h2721 March at 02h4228 March at 05h09
119105 April at 10h5012 April at 21h0519 April at 13h1227 April at 00h18
119205 May at 00h4512 May at 03h1218 May at 23h1126 May at 18h33
119303 June at 12h0110 June at 07h5917 June at 10h3025 June at 11h46
119402 July at 21h1609 July at 12h5416 July at 23h3825 July at 03h18
119501 August at 05h1107 August at 19h3015 August at 14h2923 August at 16h56
119630 August at 12h3706 September at 05h1014 September at 06h3222 September at 04h40
119728 September at 20h2605 October at 18h4713 October at 23h0721 October at 14h39
119828 October at 04h3804 November at 11h2312 November at 14h3419 November at 22h10
119926 November at 16h0504 December at 07h5812 December at 06h1219 December at 05h57
120026 December at 06h1303 January at 05h4510 January 2020 at 20h2117 January 2020 at 13h58