Moon phases 2023

All times have been adjusted in Belgian local time (UTC + 1 hour in winter time and UTC + 2 hours in summer time).

For the year 2023:

Lunation number New MoonFirst QuarterFull MoonLast Quarter
123723 December 2022 at 11h1630 December 2022 at 02h2007 January at 00h0715 January at 03h10
123821 January at 21h5328 January at 16h1805 February at 19h2813 February at 17h00
123920 February at 08h0527 February at 09h0507 March at 13h4015 March at 03h08
124021 March at 18h2329 March at 04h3206 April at 06h3413 April at 11h11
124120 April at 06h1227 April at 23h1905 May at 19h3412 May at 16h28
124219 May at 17h5327 May at 17h2204 June at 05h4110 June at 21h31
124318 June at 06h3726 June at 09h4903 July at 13h3810 July at 03h47
124417 July at 20h3126 July at 00h0601 August at 20h3108 August at 12h28
124516 August at 11h3824 August at 11h5731 August at 03h3507 September at 00h21
124615 September at 03h3922 September at 21h3129 September at 11h5706 October at 15h47
124714 October at 19h5522 October at 05h2928 October at 22h2305 November at 09h36
124813 November at 10h2720 November at 11h4927 November at 10h1605 December at 06h49
124913 December at 00h3119 December at 19h3927 December at 01h3304 January 2024 at 04h30